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Original Helmet Rubber Bands | Ridertack | Jockey Equipment Ridertack | Original Helmet Rubber Bands

Colorful wide rubber bands for horse racing helmets.

List Price: $2.20
MSRP from $2.00
Narrow Helmet Rubber Band JM | Helmet Rubber Band

Narrow Helmet Rubber Band Per Units

List Price: $1.28
MSRP from $1.16
Wrist Rubber Band Per Units Alliance Rubber | Wrist Band Per Units

Wrist Rubber Band Per Units

List Price: $0.53
MSRP from $0.48
Pom-Poms For Helmet Covers by Equiwin Equiwin | Fluffy POMS

Pom-Poms For Helmets and Helmet Covers

List Price: $9.18
MSRP from $8.35
Riding Face Mask USM | Riding Face Mask

Jockey Face Mask made of thin and durable stretch nylon fabric, providing to the rider a comfortable, low profile fit under any helmet.

List Price: $19.76
MSRP from $17.96

Helmet Accessories | Jockey Headgear | Protective Equipment

Helmet accessories are a key component in giving helmets an extra flair. Typically, riders will use helmet covers to help distinguish their styles, but they might add extra accessories to help them shine through.

One way they do this is by attaching a fluffy and colorful pom pom to the top of their helmet. These can be purchased separately from the helmet covers, but if you would like for us to attach it to your helmet cover, leave a note for us in the notes section at the checkout! Another way to personalize your helmet is by adding an engraved plate to it. Specifically designed for helmets such as UOF ones, they can add an elegant touch to your helmet and make it stand out.

Finally, we also offer helmet bands. These bands are meant to help keep helmet covers in place, just in case they are being extra stubborn! They come in a broad variety of colors so that you are able to match them to your headgear and its accessories.