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Boot Hooks, Boot Pulls JM | Boot Hooks, Boot Pulls

Boot Hooks, Boot Pulls

Retail Price $5.90
SALE: $5.34
Wood Boot Jack GT | Wood Boot Jack

Wood Boot Jack

Retail Price $28.90
SALE: $26.30
Cedar Shoe Trees JM | Cedar Shoe Trees

Cedar Shoe Trees

Retail Price $32.50
SALE: $29.50
Cedar Boot Trees | Boot Accessories JM | Cedar Boot Tree

Height and Adjustable Boot Trees made of Natural Fragrant Cedar.

Retail Price $65.50
SALE: $59.50
Boot Guides JM | Boot Guides

Boot Guides

Retail Price $9.00
SALE: $8.15
Plastic Boot Trees JM | Plastic Boot Tree

Plastic Boot Trees

Retail Price $17.80
SALE: $16.20
Pant Clip 8 inch JM | Pant Clip 8 inch

Pant Clip 8 inch

Retail Price $3.58
SALE: $3.25
Fleece Boots Covers Equiwin | Boot Cover Set

Fleece Boots Covers

Retail Price $13.70
SALE: $12.48
Original Peet Dryer Peet | Original Dryer

Original Peet Dryer

Retail Price $44.00
SALE: $39.99
Power Sport Peet Dryer Peet | Power Sport Dryer

Power sport Peet Dryer

Retail Price $99.00
SALE: $89.99
Advantage Peet Dryer Peet | Advantage Dryer

Advantage Peet Dryer

Retail Price $99.00
SALE: $89.99
Peet Glove Dry ports Peet | Glove Dry Ports

Peet Glove Dry ports

Retail Price $22.00
SALE: $19.99
Nylon Spur Straps JM | Spur Straps, Black

Nylon Spur Straps with Stainless Steel Buckles

Retail Price $4.75
SALE: $4.30
Stainless Steel Close Contact Spurs JM | Stainless Steel Close Contact Spurs

Stainless Steel Close Contact Spurs

Retail Price $23.95
SALE: $21.75

Riding Boot Accessories | Equestrian Footwear | Rider Attire

Racing and riding boots alike, are common footwear worn by riders on a daily basis. Because of this some riders invest in boot dryers, to help wick away moisture and keep boots fresh. Other riders invest in boot guides to help them retain their shape.

We also offer helpful accessories to riders which include boot jacks, covers, pant clips, and hooks. Boot jacks serve as an aid in helping remove the boot from the foot of the rider, and this is a highly convenient tool, especially when it comes to pull-on boots. Some riders also might be interested in toe boots, boot covers which help protect the horse from uncomfortable friction while riding.

Finally, we also offer pant clips to help keep pants in place within the boot, as well as boot hooks to aid in pulling on certain boot models. These handy tools and accessories are extremely helpful when it comes to wearing boots, as well as giving them some maintenance.