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Horse Racing Goggles | Protective Eyewear | Jockey Equipment

Goggles are a piece of protective eyewear that are crucial in the protective equipment arsenal of jockeys everywhere. This statement piece is not meant only to be stylish, like a pair of sunglasses, but to protect the rider from threats on and off the track. These threats include, but are not limited to: excess dust, grass particles, dirt, and turf particles. These are always bound to be kicked and flurried up towards the rider, whether they are racing, or training

Our goggles give horse riders secure protection, as they are lightweight and frame the face comfortably. They provide the rider with great visibility as they keep dust and dirt out, supplying them with all around clear vision.

Most goggles are generally made with polycarbonate plastic, and we offer them in many styles and colors, including framed and frameless. Some of our goggles also have UV shield technology, while others have anti-fog technology.