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Horse Racing and Riding Vests | Protective Jockey Equipment

Vests are an important equipment article in the armor of any rider. Meant to protect them from injuries, vests are made with lightweight materials, and padded accordingly. We take the safety of every rider seriously, making sure that our vests adhere to the safety standards within the equestrian industry.

Our collection offers body protectors in different cuts, shapes, and sizes in order to make sure every rider can find the fit most suitable to his or her body. Typically riders will wear long-tailed when racing, but will choose short-tailed vests for galloping and other disciplines as they must adjust their protection according to the riding style they are engaging in.

These protective vests shield the body from harsh injuries and should be worn anytime a rider is mounted on his or her horse. This collection also allows riders style creativity as there are plenty of customizations and embellishments available to them at an additional cost, aside from the wide assortment of colors offered.