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Equiwin Riding Boot Leggings - Jockey Apparel Equiwin | Riding Boot Leggings

Riding Boot Leggings made of Lightweight Stretchy Lycra

List Price: $21.00
MSRP from $20.00
Lightweight Nylon Jockey Leggings ET | Racing Boot Leggings

Lightweight Nylon Jockey Leggings

List Price: $23.51
MSRP from $21.37
Heavyweight Cotton Jockey Leggings ET | Exercise Boot Leggings

Heavyweight Cotton Jockey Leggings

List Price: $23.51
MSRP from $21.37
Lightweight Lycra Jockey Leggings PW | Riding Boot Leggings

Lightweight Lycra Jockey Leggings

List Price: $27.32
MSRP from $24.84
Seamless Boot Leggings by Descente Descente | Seamless Boot Leggings

Seamless Boot Leggings in Nylon by Descente

List Price: $64.35
MSRP from $58.50

Boot Leggings for Horse Racing and Riding | Rider Attire

Horse riders who frequently participate in the sport, understand the importance of wearing the right boot leggings. Boot leggings act as a protective, fitted layer between the horse and its rider. They are meant to be used as a means of protection against skin abrasions and irritations. Typically used underneath riding boots, they help prevent uncomfortable chafing on the leg of the rider, especially if they spend many hours mounted on their horse.

Our resistant lycra leggings are lightweight and comfortable, ensuring you a smooth and pleasant ride. We offer a wide variety of different sizes and color options to allow you creative freedom when styling your outfit. In addition to our lycra options, other available materials include: lightweight nylon, heavyweight cotton, seamless options, and knit fabrics.

By shopping with us, you are guaranteed only the best quality materials that have been expertly crafted so we can provide you with the best products that will help enhance your performance as a jockey or horse rider.