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Horse Girths & Channels | Saddlery | Equestrian Equipment

Girths play an important role in equestrian equipment. Their main purpose is to help secure the saddle onto the horse. These cinches have been designed to be durable, and are considered chafeless, allowing both the horse and its rider maximum comfort. They can be utilized for many equestrian activities, since most require saddles that need to be securely fastened to the horse.

We also offer sleeves and channels which help keep the horse comfortable and protected from excess friction between it and the girths and/or saddles. Our collection also includes elastic girths for racing, as well as surcingles, which can be used for equine training before the use of a saddle or girth. A surcingle allows for a more precise placement of side reins because they have additional rings that permit this.

Our line of girths and channels are available in a wide assortment of colors as well as a broad range of sizes, according to the measurements of each horse.