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Arch Turf Goggle by Kroop Kroops ARCH
| Goggle
MSRP from: $35.15
Jockey Face Shield Jockey Face Shield
MSRP from: $283.10

Jockey Equipment | Training Essentials | Protective Wear

Jockey equipment involves all sorts of essentials which include gloves, goggles, helmets, vests, and whips. These items play an important role in the day-to-day activities of a rider. Helmets, for example, help keep them protected from severe injuries, while goggles might help provide them with better vision and clarity while riding. They also use tools such as whips in order to help guide and give commands to their horses.

Because we know they use these items on a near daily basis, we have dedicated ourselves to crafting the finest equipment for their use, choosing to use only the finest and most durable materials in the construction of our products. This gives riders assurance that they are well protected and using the best tools they can in this industry.

These training essentials are useful in all kinds of equestrian activities, whether it is for horse racing, or simply for a leisurely ride out in the open.