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Horse Riding Boots | Equestrian Footwear | Rider Attire

Horse riding boots are an essential clothing item when it comes to horse riding. This equestrian footwear has been specifically designed to work with the rider, not against it. A classic boot comes high enough up on the riders leg that it prevents them from being pinched by the saddle leathers. They typically have a sturdy toe end to protect the riders foot when on the ground, and feature a distinct heel that prevents their foot from sliding through the stirrup. Depending on the boot, the sole might be smooth or lightly textured to avoid getting caught on the stirrup tread.

The modern riding boot is characterized by a low heel, typically less than an inch tall. This is a big difference, historically, from boots worn in the past which featured a higher heel to prevent the foot from slipping through the stirrup.

Todays technology and advancements strategically design the heel and sole to work symbiotically, preventing these issues, such as by adding a particular texture to provide a better grip onto the stirrup. Our fine selection of boots fit the needs of many!.