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Jockey Racing Helmets | Equestrian Headgear | Protective Equipment

Helmets have been around for centuries, tracing back to medieval times. This protective headgear serves a primary purpose of protecting the head of the rider from fatal injuries. It is crucial for horse riders to wear this protective skull as it can prevent them from suffering from lethal trauma to the head in the event of a fall or other sort of accident.

This headgear should be worn anytime a rider is mounted on his or her horse, whether they are racing, galloping, or simply riding for leisure. We take the safety of every rider seriously, making sure that our helmets are up to industry and sport standards.

We offer helmets in a broad variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, so that each rider can find a helmet that will best fit them, assuring them that they will be protected in the case of an accident or fall. Our helmets are lightweight, ensuring the comfort of the rider, while offering them a great deal of safety.