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Saddle Cloths & Pads | Saddlery | Equestrian Equipment

The purpose of a saddle cloth, simply put, is to help in cushioning the saddle. However, they also serve to help protect the horses back as well as to absorb sweat from your horse so it does not get transferred to the saddle. Saddle pads also serve as an aid between your horse and its saddle in order to keep your horse as comfortable as possible. Not only do they serve as a cushion, they also help prevent excess friction between the horse and the saddle.

Saddle cloths can typically be made with materials such as drill, cotton, combinations of acrylic fabrics and drill, or pads covered with synthetic fabrics. Others are made with gel pads to keep the horses relaxed and protected. Our collection comes in a broad range of colors, as saddle cloths are also often used to identify horses on the race track, while others use them for aesthetic purposes in other equestrian events.

Our saddle pads are also made with high quality materials, including foam, gel, and silicone. We want to provide your horses with the utmost comfort and protection.

Some of our products have antibacterial properties. Since they absorb sweat from your horses, we want to make sure that they are doing so in a sanitary manner.