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Horse Wound Care | Equestrian Wellness | Care & Prevention

Cuts and scrapes are inevitable when it comes to owning horses. It is like having a child—you should always be prepared and have a first aid kit on hand. We provide our customers with a variety of products that specifically target pain relief for equine wounds. This is essential to their care and can help you prevent infections in your horses.

Here, you will find wound care in various forms such as rubs, sprays, powders, bandages, and many more. By dealing with cuts and scrapes early on, you can help horses avoid infections, keeping your animals comfortable and pain free, all while avoiding some hefty vet fees.

You can also find antibiotics that can help your horses heal faster with no prescriptions required. We value horse health and wellness, and want to help you take care of minor lesions they may experience without facing any hassles. You will thank us, and your horses will thank you, too!