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Jockey Pants | Riding Breeches | Rider Attire | Ridertack

Jockey pants, also known as breeches, are a staple in the closet of every rider. Typically made with high quality polyester, they are reinforced with two layers of fabric in the knee area, as well as in the buttox area. Our pants have a waist made adjustable by velcro straps and elastane, and are loosely fitted through the thighs, up until the knee area where they are snugly fitted through to the ankles with the best elastic leggings. Each pant has durable elastic leggings that will stay snuggly fit on the legs.

Our riding breeches are suitable for any jockey through every season. Whether it is summer, winter, spring, or fall, we can guarantee you that we have it all.

We also offer a wide variety of different colors for quarter horse match races, allowing you to choose according to your own style. These pants are comfortable, lightweight, and versatile, making them the perfect pick for your needs.