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Horse Hoof Care | Equestrian Wellness | Care & Prevention

Horses use their hooves on a daily basis, after all, it is what they need to help aid them in their movement. Because of this, their hoof health is incredibly important. By taking good care of their hooves, you can give them comfort and confidence in every step they take.

Our hoof care encompasses a broad range of products, including horseshoes, hoof picks, supplements, and hoof conditioners. All of these products can be used to help maintain their hooves clean, moisturized, and healthy.

Similar to how we need to moisturize our skin barrier, horses need to keep adequate moisture levels in their hooves. By using conditioners, you can help them maintain these levels, and even help strengthen their hooves as some of our products contain vitamins and minerals. We also offer a wide range of supplements which can help them fortify their hooves from the inside out, as well as other cleaning and maintenance tools to help monitor their hoof health.