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Saddlery in and of itself involves components such as saddles, reins, girths and more. However, they are susceptible to breakage and damage, especially when horses act out in strong and sudden movements. While they are made with durable materials, it is important to inspect them daily and make sure all parts are working and secure.

In order to help you do this and keep you safe, we provide you with replacement assembly parts to help you adjust and fix your equipment in a pinch! We offer saddle trees, saddle tree bars, and billets to aid you in reinforcing your saddles. We also offer products such as girth elastics, blinker cup replacements, and buckles to help you replace other parts or pieces of equipment in your arsenal of saddlery.

These products can help you extend the shelf life of your saddlery and help you keep your products in top shape so that you can ride them out safely and to their fullest potential.