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Bits for Horses | Saddlery | Equestrian Riding Equipment

Bits are a wonderful tool for riders as they train their horses. This piece of equipment is used to help the rider control the head of their animal. Combined with bridles and reins, this power trio gives the rider a helping hand in steering their horses in the correct direction. This is significantly important, especially in racing as every jockey is trying to maneuver their way to the front of the pack.

Snaffle bits provide direct pressure with no leverage, while other bits like the curb model provide both pressure and some leverage. English bits are also commonly known, as they are used for disciplines such as dressage and English riding.

Our collection of bits for horses are made with a broad range of materials, varying from bronze and copper, to stainless steel, to different types of rubber, and/or polymers. They are available for purchase in diverse shapes and sizes, and this variety is what makes us sure you can find the right ones for you here!