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Horse Bandages | Equestrian Wellness | Care & Prevention

Bandages are an important part of the health and wellness of horses. Horses who participate in rigorous athletic activities are more prone to injuries as they are constantly exercising their legs. These leg wraps help provide support for the horses on a daily basis.

Standing bandages can also be used to protect their legs from damage when they are being shipped, and to keep wounds clean and tidy. Different bandages are composed with varying materials, however, our most popular model is the Vetrap from the brand 3M. This is the most commonly used one when it comes to racing, but bandages come in different sizes and materials for different uses.

Depending on the type of bandage, they may also come in different colors, in case the rider wants to be able to match equipment and apparel colors to them. Keep in mind that most bandages should be applied with 30%-50% stretch in order to keep the horse comfortable and avoid any further injury!