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Flair Equine Nasal Strip Flair Equine Nasal Strip, Single Pack

Flair Equine Nasal Strips

Retail Price $17.55
SALE: $14.50
Flair Horse Nasal Strips Flair Horse Nasal Strips, Six Pack

Flair Horse Nasal Strips

Retail Price $65.95
SALE: $54.50

Respiratory Aids | Equestrian Health & Wellness

This category encompasses all the aids and supplements riders can use to help their horses breathe properly and efficiently. This is especially important if the horse participates in equestrian athletic events.

We offer a wide variety of different products in the form of liquids, powders, ointments, and capsules that work internally to help horses with different ailments such as: sore throat, nasal congestion, coughing, and respiratory inflammation.

Some horses also might need nasal strips to aid them in breathing as they are being exercised. This non-invasive product helps their nasal passages to stay open and clear, and can help them with their oxygen intake as they are exercising on or off the race track.
By using these products with your horse, you will be able to help promote a healthy respiratory system, providing them with top-notch quality products, and your loving care.